Oman Visa Requirements for UAE Citizens and Residents

Planning to visit the Sultanate of Oman soon? Whether you are going there to tour the country or for business purposes, you must know the visa requirements applicable to you to avoid any issues or inconveniences getting there.

Here is an overview of the entry visa requirements for citizens and foreign expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates.

  • UAE citizens – Good news! If you are a citizen of the UAE, you are not required to secure a tourist visa, as the UAE is a member of the Gulf Council Cooperation, just like Oman. Make sure, however, that your passport is still valid and has blank pages.
  • UAE residents – Foreign residents in the UAE need to apply for an entry visa to Oman. The entry visa has a validity period of up to four weeks, which can be extended for another week. The entry visa comes with a fee of 5 Omani Rials (or around 50 UAE Dirhams). The delay fine is 100 UAE Dirhams every day. UAE residents should have proof of their residency, and their passports should have a validity period of not less than 6 months.

    Note: UAE residents who have an executive designation indicated in their visa can enter Oman without an entry visa.

    Certain occupations – doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, and businesspeople – can cross the border with only a payment of 50 Dirhams. This can be paid at the Hatta border checkpoint. There is also an exit fee of 35 Dirhams.

    Professionals who have jobs in sectors such as the service industry, construction, and office work must first apply for an entry visa. Their passports should also be stamped by the Oman Consulate in Dubai, or the Oman Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Family members of UAE residents can cross the border, but they should bring their labour cards and their passports should have a validity period of at least three months.

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Benefits of Having Flowers at Home

Flowers are usually given as a present to let someone know that they are special, appreciated, and remembered. A bouquet of flowers is also the perfect addition in celebrating special occasions and milestones, such as an engagement, an anniversary, or a graduation.

But more than being decorative, flowers actually offer health and mental benefits to people, which makes them the ideal interior décor choices for homes, and even offices. Below, we have listed down the top reasons why you should start decorating your home with a bunch of lovely flowers.

Flowers are a mood booster

A bunch of lovely flowers in your bedroom can enhance your mood. Numerous studies have found a link between seeing flowers and an improved state of happiness. Majority of people also experienced a decrease in negative feelings, such as anxiety and depression. So, if you want to feel lively and positive throughout the day, start by adorning your home with flowers. You can put a vase with colourful flowers on your bedside table, on the coffee table of your living room, or on the kitchen countertop. Not only do flowers help brighten up the home, they can also liven up your spirit. If you do not have the time to personally visit a flower shop, try and find a flower delivery service provider near you.

Flowers can give you energy

A better mood and a more positive outlook in life help inject energy into your life. And flowers can do just that. Looking at them can give your energy levels a lift and elevate your enthusiasm for work. Experts say adding flowers in the workplace can help make employees be more productive while reducing their stress levels. Give yourself and your colleagues a natural and safe energy booster in the form of flowers! Choose brightly coloured ones, such as yellows and oranges.

Flowers can get your creative juices flowing

Running out of ideas for your advertising pitch? Take a minute to look at the flowers on your desk and let your mind be refreshed and rejuvenated. Studies show that flowers can help stimulate the creativity and imagination of an individual, as well as improve one’s ability to concentrate. This is just another reason to adorn your office with flowers! Opt for large leaves and bright colours if you are planning to beautify your office space with flowers.

Flowers can help increase your supply of clean air

Like non-flowering plants, a pot of flowers can help enhance the quality of indoor air and remove pollutants in the air, thus reducing the likelihood of individuals getting headaches, coughs, colds, allergies, and fatigue. Want to know what flowers you can have delivered to your office? Go to this website and see plenty of beautiful choices!

Simple everyday hacks to grow your financial wealth

When it comes to growing your wealth, there is often the presumption that you need to have extensive knowledge of financial instruments, confusing graphs, and financial markets in order to succeed. But that isn’t always the case. You can begin growing your wealth by doing simple lifehacks that allow you to build your bank account bit by bit.

  1. Money is a resource, treat it as such

A lot of people have a skewed perception when it comes to money. Often, people consider money as the ‘objective’ instead of the ‘tool’, forgetting that it is merely the resource that you use to obtain what you want. One of the keys to increasing your wealth is changing your perspective of money – from seeing it as a ‘goal’ to seeing it as a ‘resource.’ When you view money as the goal, there will always be the danger of being a slave to it, consumed by greed and the desire to want more of it. When you think of money as a resource to enjoy something, like a dream vacation or a business you have long planned on establishing, you are more likely to make rational financial decisions.

  1. Set your priorities

What is it that you really want – to look wealthy or to be wealthy? Due to the cultural phenomenon that is social media, more and more people are wanting to appear wealthy amongst their peers – just for the likes. Dining at posh restaurants – just for the likes. Going on luxury cruises – just for the likes. If you want to be truly wealthy, and not just appear wealthy, understand your priorities. You don’t need wealth management software to tell you where you need to be allocating your money. Simple everyday decisions such as putting a portion of your monthly salary into a savings account instead of treating yourself to a luxurious spa could help you grow your wealth over time.

  1. Expand your horizons

You can’t expect to have more if you can’t offer more. If you want to increase your wealth, first you must increase your value. For example, instead of spending your idle time binge watching a television series or playing video games, try to enhance yourself and build your knowledge bank. If you have time to spend on the weekends, you can take up online courses or learn something new. Your personal time is a resource that should be utilised efficiently. You can listen to audiobooks while on your commute or in the shower. You can also explore new means of building your wealth, such as foreign exchange trading. To learn more about that, visit today.

power of attorney

When it comes to looking for properties across the city, there are plenty of areas that offer unique atmospheres, attractions, and amenities. The variety makes it easier for people to choose the kind of neighbourhood they want to live in. While some want to live somewhere near the vibrant nightlife of the city, others may want to have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing at the beach on a lazy weekend to enjoy the calming sound of the sea. With this in mind, here are the different areas in Dubai and the unique advantages of living in each one.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Dubai. As the biggest man-made island in the world, the name itself holds a certain degree of prestige. The only land access to the island is through a bridge connecting it to the rest of the city, which grants a sense of exclusivity and luxury. To sweeten the deal, Palm Jumeirah is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, and retail options in the city. The choices include the world-famous Atlantis Hotel, Fairmont Hotel and Resorts, and Waldorf Astoria. Above everything else, however, nothing can beat the breath-taking views of the Persian Gulf. Whether it’s the sunrise or the sunset, you’ll always have the luxury of enjoying a spectacular view.

Dubai Marina

If you are fond of the beach, the sea, and the nightlife, Dubai Marina offers the perfect balance for you. Living in or near Dubai Marina brings you in close proximity to a wealth of food options, restaurants, and cafes, which is perfect if you are a foodie looking for a culinary exploration. Because it is near Jumeirah Beach, you can easily hop on over for a quick swim. Fancy an after-dark stroll? Dubai Marina has a lovely, well-lit pathway following the length of the creek that is perfect for quiet, leisurely walks. And if you want to start the weekend with a bang, the area offers some fantastic bars, with open air sections for when it’s winter time.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is where three of the city’s most precious gems are located – The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Dancing Dubai Fountain. Being the heart of the city, Downtown is the place that never sleeps. In the day time, the area is buzzing with energy and life. With Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, there is never a shortage of tourists, visiting to see the majestic beauty of the tallest man-made structure in the world and to shop from the endless variety of retail options in the largest mall in the world.

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Tips in Buying Real Estate in the UAE

The UAE real estate market has gone through some challenges recently, experiencing drops in sale prices and rental rates in 2016. This decline has been attributed to reduced demand for accommodation. However, analysts are saying that the market is likely to see an uptick in 2017, as developers look to accelerate their construction projects in time for Expo 2020. This presents a unique opportunity for real estate investors to grow their portfolio. At the same time, it opens a door for new investors to penetrate the real estate market, while the prices are low. If you are looking to make a real estate investment in the UAE this 2017, here are a few tips you could use to help you make the smart financial choice.

  1. Location, Location, Location

When investing in real estate, location is one of the most important factors for you to consider. The location of a property can have a significant impact on the growth of its value in the long term. Check the quality of the neighbourhood, the surrounding facilities, if there are good schools nearby, the availability of modern necessities, and the like. A property in a good location is likely to grow in value as demand starts to pick up.

One old adage that still works today is this: buy the worst house in the best street. This allows you to build your equity over time, thus growing the value of your investment. If you pick a good location, prices in your market will increase over time, without any effort on your part. However, if you want to actively build your equity, you can do so by investing in improvements that increase the value of the property. There are numerous ways to do this, including improving the energy efficiency of the property and developing its landscape. another way to build equity is to keep the property in excellent condition through regular upkeep.

  1. Credit Report Check

If it is your first time investing in real estate, you will likely need a real estate loan from the bank. Thus, it is important to have an immaculate credit report before you take the plunge and invest in real estate. If you have red marks on your credit report that are errors in reporting, then it is best to have them addressed immediately. On the other hand, if you have legitimate red marks on your report, then you must improve your standing before you apply for a loan.

Banks are more apprehensive towards lending a loan for a home that is not your private residence as compared to a home loan for property that you will be living in.

If you are in need of legal advice from a real estate lawyer for your upcoming real estate investment, go to this website today.